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A final plea for a family's love

My mother was supposed to have called last evening to find out the decision my husband made regarding letting the elders into our home to ask them our questions.

She never called. I have been praying incessantly on this matter. I asked God to give me the wisdom, knowledge, love and humility to cope with the possibility of my family shunning me.  I prayed that God soften their hearts and open their eyes. 

Last night I realized that I probably only have one last chance to reach them before my husband tells them the elders are not welcome in our home.  However, I was paralyzed in my thought process trying to think of what to communicate to them.

I awoke this morning feeling compelled to add a section to this website on unscriptual teachings.  I prayed on all this again this morning, mulitple times.  As I was writing the section on unscriptural teachings, I realized that much of what I was writing would be very appropriate for my final plea letter to my family.  I had written many communications to them in the past, so I knew this final plea letter had to be very different.

I would like to share this letter with others.  My goal is that by sharing this, it may bring comfort to others struggling with this same situation.  My faith is not deflated through all this.  On the contrary, this has strengthen my faith.  When I read the letter I sent to my family, I realized the holy spirit gave me the words to show my conviction for my faith.  I hope by sharing this, someone will receive the encouragement to strengthen their faith as well.

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