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No change and still no contact

Not much new to report on trying to reach my Jehovah's Witness family with the truth. Now that they have disowned me, they won't return phone calls or emails.

I am sad, but moving along with life. I am now thinking of who else I need to tell. Last evening it occurred to me that I have a couple of JW cousins that I am connected to on Facebook.  So, I logged onto my personal Facebook account and saw that one cousin had already removed me as a friend.  However, one cousin had not.  I prayed over it and wrote him a lengthy message and sent it through Facebook.  I don't know if he will respond, or if he will just remove me as a friend on Facebook.  I figure I had nothing to lose, as this is a cousin I only have contact with once a year. 

I will continue to pray for my entire JW family, including extended family. 

On a side note, one former JW and new friend of mine that I have found, gave me an excellent suggestion that I will pass on to anyone else going through this.  Send love to your family in the form of quick text messages and photo postcards.  These messages should only have a personal, not religious message, so that loved ones don't view it as a threat, but still reminds them you exist and love them.

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