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Reaching others with love

Welcome to my blog.  I did not know what I would blog about and figured God would direct me when the time was right.  On January 19, 2012 something happened that made it clear to me as to what my blog should be about.  I will be using my blog to tell the story of how I am trying to reach my family or whoever God wants me to reach.

I am dedicating my blog to the stories of my witnessing work to lovingly reach those who are struggling.  My first blog is about the continuing challenges I am having with my own family.  For almost a year after I told them that I did not believe what they believed, they did not shun me, but that all changed on January 19, 2012.  Because it took them so long to make the decision to shun me, I believe there is spot in their hearts to hear the truth.

I almost lost my family tonight

Picking up on my last blog, my mother is definitely not welcoming us to her home. The follow up call with her happened this evening. I did a lot of praying today, asking for God to give me wisdom, knowledge, and most importantly love and humility...Read More

Reaching out to my Jehovahs Witness family

It is coming up on almost a year since I told my family that I did not believe what they believe. When I tried to tell them what I had found out, they very combative and defensive. At that time we agreed to not talk religion with each other. It brok...Read More